About Akyonis

My name is Celia, and I founded Akyonis to help animal welfare by spreading knowledge about animal sciences and behaviour. 

I share my life with an animal behaviorist, a fearful dachshund, an anxious dalmatian-mix and a goofy shetland pony. Thanks to this hyper animal focus environnement I became quite knowledgeable in the matter of animal behavior, even attended a few conferences like APDT in the USA.

And the more I learn about it the more I know how little I knew, and how little dog owners know and understand their dogs. I keep meeting people that mean the best for their dog but by lack of knowledge don’t do what is best for the animal and sometimes quite the opposite. And at the same time, so many people don’t even know about “dog trainers” and “animal behaviorist” professions. They don’t know that there are professionals that can help them when facing some challenges with their animals.

Therefore I wanted to participate in my own way to change things and grow animal welfare. My strength is in creating new online business, I have experience in starting new business, creating online products and marketing, and I’m technology savvy. That’s how I came with the idea of Akyonis which is an online platform dedicated to the animal professionals. The goal is to :

  • Help professionals become even better by finding easily training programs (courses, seminars, conferences ..)
  • Spread the knowledge about dog training, by making easy for dog owners to find trustable professionals. (coming soon)

One of our core value is that we support only force free and positive type of training. Therefore all the content available on the platform will only promote events or trainers that follow this philosophy. 

I hope you will join me on this journey to help our animals enjoy a better life with us. 



dalmatian dog
dachshund dog
Eli the dachshund yawning
Dalmatian dog sleeping