Juliane Kaminski

Juliane Kaminski is a reader in Comparative Psychology in the psychology department of the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Before that she was the group leader of the research group “Evolutionary Roots of Human Social Interaction” at the Max Planck Institute for evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig/ Germany where she also completed her PhD in 2005 (with Michael Tomasello & Josep Call). Juliane received her Ph.D. in biological sciences from Leipzig University and helped to found and lead the Max Planck Institute's Dog Cognition Study Center. There, she made a number of exciting discoveries about how dogs solve problems. Juliane is now the director of the Dog Cognition Centre Portsmouth

Juliane’s research interests include social cognition, communication and cooperation in human infants, primates and dogs. Most famously she was the first to show that a dog named Rico learns words in a similar fashion as human infants. Juliane is recognized as a leading expert on dog cognition and has been recognized in National Geographic, Discovery News and the NOVA special documentary film "Dogs Decoded" broadcast on American public television.

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