Amber Watson

Amber watson
Amber Watson

Amber Batson graduated as a veterinarian and surgeon from Royal Veterinary College in London in 1999. In her final year, she was awarded various medals for outstanding commitment. She has always been particularly interested in animal behavior. In addition to her career as a veterinarian, she also studied part-time for several years to become a behavioral expert for dogs, cats and horses. 

Amber has done research into the welfare of animals, especially in the responsible handling of pets. She also has scientific research started in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. Amber often collaborates, on a voluntary basis, with international charitable organizations that promote animal welfare. She has experience in teaching, in particular on behavior and animal welfare, to both owners and professionals, including fellow veterinarians. 

Her goal is to clarify scientific knowledge of behavioral problems in a practical way, so she hopes to be able to contribute to the prevention of these problems. Amber gives lectures in various European and Asian countries and these are always very popular.