PDTE Annual Conference

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September 28, 2019
Rome, Italy

PDTE Annual Conference

150 EUR - 200 EUR

The Pet Dog Trainer of Europe association organizes their annual conference in Rome this year. Every year they invite an international guest lecturer as a keynote speaker. 

Turid Rugaas, the founder and president of the association, and internationally known for her book about Calm signs, also presents on a topic that is selected by the attendees. 

The other speakers are members of the PDTE as a way to promote exchange of learnings within the members of the association. 

Non members can also attend, and they are always some activities to discover the host city, which makes it an attractive event to also bring your loved ones. 

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September 28, 2019
09:00 - 17:00
September 29, 2019
09:00 - 17:00

00161 Rome RM

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Amber Watson

Amber Batson graduated as a veterinarian and surgeon from Royal Veterinary College in London in 1999.

Turid Rugaas

Turid Rugaas is an internationally renowned trainer and writer who has devoted her life to dogs, their behavior and their well-being.

Day 1
Abnormal behaviours in dogs; are we just chasing our tails?
This 3 hour presentation will include a brief over view of the types of abnormal behaviours recognised in the pet dog and then a look at the causes including genetics, early life experience and the living environment.

There will be a main focus on the current science of exercising and enriching these dogs - what do we know does and doesnt help and why.

There will be a short section on which medical disorders may contribute to these problems so that non vet behaviourists know when to consider referral back to a medical specialist.
More talks
Turid Rugaas
Norwegian dog trainer. She started educating other dog trainers and giving seminars 1992.

Since then conducted workshops in 12 different countries with students from 24 countries. She is now retired from actual dog training, but continues to conduct seminars and workshops internationally.

Her goal is to educate dog trainers that are able to help dogs and owners to a better together.

Manja Leissner
is a dog trainer and the owner of "QimmiQ Lodge" - a Center for dogs in Thüringia, Germany. And a full member of the PDTE. I developed a concept for a stress-free doggy daycare.

Doggie day cares should be a pleasant resort. I will talk about social Groups and activities with them. Furthermore About the resting time - importance and structure

Valeria Rapezzi
Dog Trainer with a bachelor's degree in Animal Welfare and Breeding.I continued my education specializing in animal nutrition, genetics and disabilities.I live with 3 australian shepherd; one of them , Magic, is blind, partially deaf and epileptic.In this presentation I will share what I learned thanks to him about how nutrition and microbiome will affect health and behaviour, talking about how gut-brain axis works and how we can improve well-being in our dog (and ourselves too).

Cristina & Aurelien BUDZINSKI are both behaviourists in France. For years, they looked into canine behaviour through reading, seminars and observation. They both completed the International Dog Trainer Education with Turid Rugaas in 2016. They also offer Mantrailing workshops and are full practitioners of Applied Herbal Choice (Helping domestic and captive animals Self-Medicate).