Dog Symposium Taiwan

Dog and cat playing
February 1, 2020
Da'an district, Taiwan

Dog Symposium Taiwan

NT6500 - NT8000

The Taiwan Dog Symposium is organized by Joeson, a dog trainer and PDTE member who follows Turid Rugaas' dog philosophy. The Symposium invites professionals from diverse areas including brain science, cognition, behavior, nutrition, physiology and movements, mental stimulation, pressure, medicine, and etc to share precious knowledge with participants. Our goal is to make an interflow of Taiwan's, Asia's and other areas of the world's knowledge and information about dogs and provide rich and comprehensive learning resource of dogs for people working with them, like dog trainers, veterinarians, medical personnel, caregivers, pet groomers and surely, dog owners who are interested in learning more things about their dogs.


- Emotions in Dogs - Anne Lill Kvam

- NOISE when it is not MUSIC to your dogs ears - Karen Webb

-  Pulse Measurement project: At the heart of the walk - Cristina Gomes and Aurelien Budzinski

dog training
dog behaviour
dog health
February 1, 2020
09:00 - 16:30
February 2, 2020
09:00 - 16:30

NTU Main Library
Da'an District, Taipei City 106

Animal trainer
Canine expert
shelter volunteer

Aurelien Budzinski

Aurelien is a Dog trainer certified by Turid Rugas. He is the Co-founder of Tout pour mon chien in France. 

Cristina Gomes Budzinski

Cristina Gomes is a dog behaviourists certified by Turid Rugaas in France. She use her knowledge to assist dog owners to better understand their animals.

Karen Webb

Karen Webb has lived with, trained and studied dogs for many years and currently resides with seven dogs of her own! She is passionate about animal welfare and has completed a number of courses relating to canine behaviour, both in the UK and overseas.

Anne Lill Kvam

Nosework is the only activity that allows the dog to live his instincts and use his natural abilities in such an enjoyable way for both himself and his human companion; this helps the dog to find balance and self-confidence and to develop a relationship of serene cooperation with his owner who wi

Day 1
Day 2
Emotions in Dogs
NOISE when it is not MUSIC to your dogs ears
Pulse Measurement project: At the heart of the walk
A different view to understand how they feel and what we can do to help them cope.