The convergence conference

July 20, 2019
Seattle, United States

The convergence conference

The convergence of human & animal traning and technology
$300 -$370

This is a new kind of conference trying to bridge the animal nehaviour world and technology. It brings some of the most renowed experts in the field of animal behavior and some very innovative speakers looking through the eye of technology and data science. 

You'll hear about the insights that top teachers and trainers have gained from dogs, children with intellectual disabilities, whales, elite athletes, surgeons and more.

If that's not enough awesomeness for one conference, you'll also be blown away by the technology available and in development to help with data collection, reinforcement, metadata-based decision making, artificial intelligence and more.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to expand your horizons and find out what's going on at the leading edge of human and animal training. Increase your thinking and skills beyond the bounds of experience from working in one field. Sign up now to ensure that you get one of the 400 in-person spots.

July 20, 2019
09:00 - 17:00
July 21, 2019
09:00 - 17:00

Seattle, WA 98195
United States

Canine expert
Dog trainers

Ryan O'Donnell

Ryan O'Donnell hails from northern Nevada. He likes his climate like he likes his data: evolving, uncompromising, and progressive. He is a master of science; that is, he has a M.S.

T. V. (Joe) Layng Ph.D

T. V. (Joe) Layng received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, where he was a student of Israel Goldiamond. Dr. Layng is the co-founder of Headsprout and was its senior scientist. At Headsprout, Dr.

Ken Ramirez

Ken Ramirez, the Executive Vice-President of animal care and animal training at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, develops and supervises animal care and animal health programs, staff training and development as well as public presentation programs for the entire animal collection of more than 32,000 ani

Susan Friedman

Dr. Susan Friedman is a psychology professor at Utah State University who has pioneered the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to captive and companion animals.