Amazing Dogs Symposium

March 28, 2020
Linz, Germany

Amazing Dogs Symposium

... because it is important to improve the handling of the dog through knowledge
€115 - €125

Amazing Dogs Symposium is organized by four amazing women in the dog world;

  • Mag. Brigitte Girard
  • Nicole Lachmair
  • Karolina Mayer
  • Petra Schraml

These amazing trainers organize the symposium for you ...

... because it is important to improve the handling of the dog through knowledge

and to counteract outdated methods and misconceptions.

Both the therapy dogs Upper Austria and the fur noses do without aversive methods in training

and rely on positive reinforcement and empathy - towards the dog and the dog owner.

They are constantly educating themselves to stay up to date and to enable other dog trainers and owners.

Assistance dog
guide dog
working dog
dog training
dog aggression
dog behaviour
dog health
animal behavior
animal welfare
canine cognition
canine aggression
animal training
March 28, 2020
09:00 - 17:30

(LFI - Education House of the Chamber of Agriculture) Auf der Gugl 3
40210 Linz

Animal trainer
Canine expert
Dog owners
Dog trainers
K9 unit

Aurea Verebes

After her training as a dog trainer at ATN AG, Aurea specialized in families with dogs and problems in a family context.

Alexandra Wischall-Wagner

Alexandra Wischall-Wagner is a certified dog behavior trainer and studied psychology at the University of Vienna. As the owner of three dogs in the big city, she knows very well about the diverse concerns and fears of animal lovers. She is also President of the Association of Austrian Dog Behavio

Sophie Strodtbeck

Sophie Strodtbeck studied veterinary medicine at the LMU in Munich. She has professional experience in various large animal and mixed practices in the beautiful Ostallgäu and in the greater

Day 1
Castration of dogs
What do we really know?
In recent years, the effects of castration in dogs have become increasingly of interest to science and there are a large number of current studies on the subject.
In this lecture, we take a closer look at the function of the sex hormones, what they mean for the psyche and body, and of course, when castration can really help with behavioural problems and when it is better to keep your hands off the scalpel because the problem may need to be addressed still intensified.
This lecture ensures that the consequences can be better assessed in advance and can thus be used as a decision-making aid for or against castration.
Relaxed person, relaxed dog
Practical tips for the harmonious coexistence of dog and owner.
In this lecture, you will learn how to recognize your and the needs of the dog and master everyday life more relaxed.
Correct handling of stress factors in everyday life
Strengthen your own self-efficacy
Recognize your own and the needs of the dog
Strengthen and maintain loyalty
Set meaningful training goals
Practical exercise
The dog bite and its causes
Applied bite prevention in everyday life
Why does a dog attack a passerby on the open road? How can a dog bite out of nowhere? Why is living with children and dogs often a challenge?
These are questions that concern many people. There are many reasons for biting accidents. Aurea Verebes examines the causes of biting incidents from the perspective of modern behavioural research. She will talk about how to avoid biting incidents and use videos to analyze and explain the aggressive behaviour and misguided prey catching behaviour.
She gives tips and tricks for a relaxed everyday life with family and dog, which can be helpful not only for dog owners but also for trainers when consulting with a family.